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45 min. drive from Sapporo
A town with beautiful countryside scenery

Iwamizawa City is the central city
of the Sorachi region, located in the center of Hokkaido, near Sapporo and New Chitose Airport
, in the rolling hills
that extend from the Ishikari Plain
to the Yubari Mountains.
The city has vast rice paddies, fields, and orchards of apples and grapes
on the eastern slopes of the city.
You can enjoy the rich scenery typical of Hokkaido
in all four seasons.

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■Setting periodMay - end of October
■Experience LocationLog Hotel
on Maple Lodge property

Sorachi to/from Sapporo
Winery Taxi

■Setting periodMay-October
■Experience LocationSorachi area from/to Sapporo

Bonfire Cafe

■Setting periodMay - end of October
■Experience LocationLog Hotel
on Maple Lodge property

Experience sutra copying at a temple (with green powdered tea)

Zen meditation experience at a temple (with green tea)

Zen meditation & sutra copying course (with green tea)

■Setting periodYear-round (except for Bon holidays)
■Experience LocationMyoshinji Temple (1-1, 7jo Higashi, Iwamizawa City)

Ceramic art experience (Kobushi Kiln)

■Setting periodYear-round (except for holidays, etc.)
■Experience LocationKobushi Kiln

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Approximately 45 minutes from Sapporo by car

*In case of using the Dohoh Expressway (toll)

Iwamizawa, a town with beautiful rural scenery

Iwamizawa is located in a location with easy access
to popular Hokkaido spots such as Sapporo, New Chitose Airport, and Furano.
Although only a 45-minute drive from the metropolis of Sapporo,
you will be welcomed by beautiful countryside scenery and dramatic sunsets as if you were in Europe.


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