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Real Escape Game "Escape from Pirate Amusement Park at Night

Escape from the Pirate Amusement Park in the Daytime, where 100 treasures lie.

An amusement park island crowded with pirates at night.

You have landed at ...... since noon.
As the "advance party" of the Locke pirates led by Captain (Captain) Locke, your mission this time is to proceed with the investigation of the
amusement park.

There are 100 treasures hidden in this amusement park, and by collecting
many of them, a secret will be revealed.

However, the only clue to finding the hiding place is a mysterious old document.
The only way to find it is to walk around the amusement park, observe it, and find the exact spot.

Fun decorations adorning the park, patterns on the ground, posters on billboards.
You never know where mysteries are hidden in the ordinary scenery.
While enjoying the amusement park, never let your mind wander!

You can search for them while enjoying the attractions.
Or you can thoroughly explore the entire amusement park.

How many treasures can you collect?
And will you be able to discover the amazing secrets hidden in this amusement park?

Date: Saturday, June 29 - Sunday, June 30, 2024

  • Doors open 17:45 / Registration closes 18:15 / Concert begins 18:30 / Concert ends 20:30
  • Day course from opening to closing of the amusement park / Registration closes at 14:00

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